SharePoint Hosted Apps: Targets and Debugging

UPDATE: After I got a nice email from the Office Tools Dev Team I installed Update 2 for Visual Studio 2013. This Update provides a choice of Deployment Target in the Project Properties window (not the pane). On the SharePoint Tab you’re now able to switch between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. This changes the Target Version and solves the error.


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Today I came across a strange issue when deploying and testing SharePoint Hosted Apps from Visual Studio. When you create a SharePoint Hosted App in VS, you need to specify a debug target for the App in this dialog:


In this Example I choose to deploy it to my Office 365 Developer site. Deploying and testing this App on my Developer site works perfectly but things go sideways when I change the Deployment Target to my On-Prem server. When I hit Deploy I instantly get the error:

Unknown SharePoint version: 16.0, Parameter name: version


Deployment Targets and versioning

The cause of this nasty error is the dialog above where we specify our debug site. For some reason Visual Studio thinks we are never gonna change it after this point. Therefore the TargetOfficeVersion property in the project file is set to the first target of choice. In my case this was my Office 365 Developer Site which is already running on version 16.0. I can easily check this by opening my .csproj file.


When I create a new App and set my debug site to my On-Prem environment the number in the TargetOfficeVersion property is 15.0. Unfortunately this is something I wasn’t able to find through the Visual Studio UI in project settings or properties.


If you start developing with a Cloud First approach (which I think is the way to go) you might get into trouble testing On-Prem depending on the versioning and updates on Office365. Therefore keep in mind the rapid update cycle on Office 365 and the difference with your On-Prem environment.

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  1. daniel says:


    Excellent post. I hit the same issue .. did as you suggested and immediately hit another issue The “The target version of the SharePoint site is 15.0.4605.1002…. oh well upwards and onwards

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